If you wish to post something on the Bulletin Board, send it in an email to the Board of Selectmen at: bentonnh@gmail.com or submit it when Benton’s Select Board meets at Town Hall, 221 Coventry Rd (Rte. 116), Benton, NH at 6:30 PM on the following schedule for the next few months: August 8th & 22nd, September 12th & 26th, 2022 or email to: bentonnh@gmail.com or by simply completing the form below.

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Town Hall, 221 Coventry Rd, Benton

Select Board Meeting: 
August 8, 2022  6:30 PM

Planning Board Meeting:

August 22, 2022  5:30 PM
Boutin-Noble Lot Line Adjustment Hearing.

Select Board Minutes-2022
Benton School District Minutes-2022
Planning Board Minutes
Trustees of the Trust Minutes